Windows XP SP-3

Baie mense het ‘n probleem om hulle rekenaars aan die gang te kry na die installering van Microsoft se nuwe Service Pack 3 vir Windows XP. OĂ«nskynlik ondervind veral HP skootrekenaars op AMD platvorms die meeste probleme. ‘n Simptoom is dat wanneer die rekenaar Windows laai na die installasie, alles in trurat skop en weer van vooraf begin laai.

Computer World het ‘n volledige beskrywing van die probleem. ‘n Waardevolle oplossing is aangebied op Microsoft se forums. Hou moed – daar’s hoop!

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WordPress 2.5 is out!

If you don’t know what it is, lookie here. A list of themes compatible with 2.5 is at the official WordPress site.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


New software tools making things easier; will people adapt?

Every day thousands of programmers and developers spend their coffee powered existance to bring us software to make life easier. In the mean time, some of the users get stuck with the first application they used for a specific task and never have the guts to try the new kid on the block.

For example: while it is commendable that some of the older generation learn to use a computer, they would rather stick with the horrible UI of the camera software they originally installed than to give Picasa a try.

The old software has the same and even better functions (not mentioning the UI), but they are intimidated by change and the challenge to explore. I hear them say they would like it more to press a physical button on the cameras cradle than to ditch it and import with a wizard.

I do realize that if something aint broken don’t try to fix it, but what about the quest for zero defect – the ideal of everything constantly developing to change our lifestyles for the better with less stress and frustration while things get done better?

Maybe the best solution is the one where the user is happy, nevermind if the system is optimized.

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Joost – online tv

Most of my friends would read the title of this post and think about a South African rugby player called Joost van der Westhuizen. I am not a rugby fan for the record…

I discovered Joost and was amazed to get streaming tv in South Africa! It works like this:

1. download the app

2. install and run

3. register an account

4. choose your channel

Here at the office we have a 4Mbps adsl connection. I also tested it with Sentech’s MyWireless (256 kbps) with a alright results.

My favourite channel so far is Ministry of Sound TV. Download Joost now! Keep in mind it’s still in beta.

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Scriblio Library

Posted from Weblog Tools Collection

Scriblio was released as a public Beta yesterday. For those that have not heard of Scriblio yet,from their about page, it is an award winning, free, open source CMS and OPAC with faceted searching and browsing features based on WordPress. Scriblio is a project of Plymouth State University, supported in part by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Scriblio, is completely built on top of WordPress, is highly searchable and offers all the versatility and rich content capabilities of WordPress to the management of Library content. An example site built with Scriblio is the Lamson Library of Plymouth State University. Amazing!