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Another 23 Signs You’re Becoming a Design Geek

Indeed a list of harsh realities – a testament to the fact that design isn’t created, but observed. And true designers exist in that space 24 hours a day! ( Learn to spot the warning signs in time – you know you’re becoming a design geek when: You smile that spanking-kind-of-smile when you use the… Read more »

Posting from the desktop (part 2)

This post is being posted with w.bloggar. The interface has the same basic functions than Windows Live Writer. w.bloggar is freeware and connects to quite a few different content management systems. I have to say though that it lacks a WYSIWYG interface. It does have a preview tab but you still have to keep HTML… Read more »

Posting from the desktop (part 1)

I’m trying out new ways in which I can post to my blog. The post I am writing now comes to you directly form a Windows application called Windows Live Writer. It would be interesting to find out what other tools exist to accomplish this task. I am aware or the “mail to blog” method… Read more »

WordPress 2.5 is out!

If you don’t know what it is, lookie here. A list of themes compatible with 2.5 is at the official WordPress site. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!