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How to embed a Facebook post on WordPress

It happens time and again that you want to keep valuable resources gathered from Facebook in a central place. Using your WordPress blog for this is ideal because it makes your collection of posts easier to share. Here are instructions to embed a post from Facebook on WordPress.

Apps vs. Responsive Design

When you have a website, how do you get your content on mobile? Sure, visitors could just fire up their favourite mobile browser and zoom in and out until the cows come home but that’s not ideal right? As I see it, you’ve got two choices: build an app for every smartphone to syndicate your… Read more »

Help I think my WordPress has been hacked

Taken from the WordPress FAQ So you’ve carefully installed WordPress, you’ve made it look exactly how you like with a decent theme, you’ve maybe installed some fancy plugins and you’ve crafted some fine posts and Pages. In short, you’ve put a lot of time and effort into your site. Then, one day, you load up… Read more »

Essential plug-ins for your WordPress 3.1 website

I use WordPress every day and find that some plug-ins are just better than others. A robust plugin will be compatible with most WordPress versions or at least degrade gracefully when others will break the design or even show a blank page. Here are a few plug-ins I use regularly (listed from A to Z):… Read more »

Platvorm, uitleg en ontwerp

Dit klink baie soos “Lights, camera and action!” en in sommige opsigte is dit ook wel dieselfde. Om ‘n fliek of reeks op die kassie te bring word baie voorbereiding vereis. Alles moet reg en in plek wees: beligting, klank, kostuums, stel, draaiboek, regisseur en akteurs om maar ‘n paar te noem. Om ‘n webwerf… Read more »