Designing Solidariteit Blog

One of the websites I built after starting full-time at Solidarity is the Solidariteit Blog.

It is built on K2 and has developed over the past 10 months as one of the most active Solidarity websites. The great thing about this blog and what differentiates it from the other sites, is that it has quite a few different authors.

I recently added Flip Buys, the general secretary, who also has a column in Rapport. He really has a broad perspective on issues relevant to Solidarity’s members and also knows how to convey his message in an interesting and understandable manner.

Other updates to the site included moving the div with the author’s photo and post-meta off the page to the left; it over complicated the layout when it was displayed floated right inside the post content.

Stay up to date with everything relevant to Solidarity and its members by regularly visiting the blog and following @solidariteit on twitter.